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A Plumbing Tool for Sewer Clean-Outs

The Rudy Tool is a new plumbing tool for sewer clean-outs that makes sewer clean-outs easier while preventing damage to soft, plastic caps for sewer hookups. It's a 16-in-1 multipurpose sewer cleaning tool that can be used with both 4" and 3" sewer plug caps, as well as with 1½", ¾", and ½" PVC shut-offs and ¾" water meter shut-offs. Perfect for plumbers, municipalities, and utilities, this custom plumbing tool is a must-have for any job.

Advantages of The Rudy Tool

The Rudy Tool was designed so there was no more need to use pipe wrenches and oversized pliers on the soft plastic caps. The tool fits the inverse portion of the cap, ensuring simple removal without damaging any essential components. The Rudy Tool can pose as thirteen types of caps and three extra shut-offs, making it a versatile necessity for any professional's toolbox.

The Rudy Tool was created after Rudy Rodriguez, the product's inventor and an RV owner, discovered that every time he tried to hook up to a sewer adapter, there were different caps. This inspired him to take the time to develop a custom tool that could be used with any of them to handle cap removal and shut-off valves.