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Custom Plumbing Tool

THE RUDY TOOL, LLC offers a new custom plumbing tool that works as a water valve cover lifting tool and is a more efficient replacement for sewer clean-out plug tools. This new custom plumbing tool works as a sub-surface wrench and makes the job of removing sewer cleaning caps easier. The Rudy Tool comes in all shapes and sizes for your convenience. Contact us to take advantage of this custom plumbing tool today.

The Rudy Tool #1

The Rudy Tool, Custom Plumbing Tool

THE RUDY TOOL is a Water Valve Cover Lifting TOOL.

• Fits on various covers up to 21 inches
• Eliminates prolonged bending and standing or on your knees to pry the lids off

Having followed OSCHA RULES as a Utilities Inspector, I created A SAFETY TOOL for Municipalities Techs and Underground Utilities Techs. Don't risk your eyes or arms USEING improper tools.


The Rudy Tool #2 - A New Sewer Clean-Out & Plumbing Tool

Custom Plumbing Tool and Attachments

The Rudy Tool is a Sub-surface Wrench. New change in plumbing tools that make sewer clean-outs plug caps easier to remove, while preventing damage to soft, plastic sewer clean-out caps for R.V's and Residential sewer hookups. It's a 16-in-1 multipurpose use for sewer cleaning out tools, that can be used with both 4" and 3" sewer clean-out plug caps, as well as with ¾", and ½" PVC shut-offs and ¾" resident water meter shut-offs. Perfect for plumbers, municipalities, and utilities, this indispensable tool is a must-have for any job.

Advantages of The Rudy Tool

The Rudy Tool was designed so there is no need to use pipe wrenches or use of impravised make shift tools for sewer clean-out plug caps. The Rudy Tool fits on the invert portion of the cap, ensuring simple removal without damaging any essential components. The Rudy Tool is designed with thirteen types of sewer clean-out plug caps and three extra shut-offs, making it a versatile necessity for any professional's toolbox.

The Rudy Tool was created after Rudolph Rodriguez, the product developer,an RV owner, while traveling to various R.V. motorhome parks, discovering that every time he tried to hook up to a sewer adapter, there were different shapes and sizes of sewer plug caps. This inspired him to take the time to develop a custom tool that could be used on any type of sewer plug cap for removal and for water shut-off valves.

Choose The Rudy Tool to simplify your life as a plumber or RV owner.

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